Out Of Home, Not Out of Fashion: The Benefits of OOH Advertising

Out of Home Advertising (OOH) is big. And now it’s getting cleverer by the day. If you’re left scratching your head at the term, don’t stress; you know exactly what it is and will come into contact with it many times throughout your day; whether on the side of a bus, a billboard on your drive home or the digital billboards in Piccadilly. OOH advertising is everywhere.

The incorporating digital technology has helped out of home advertising become whizzier than ever before. Billboards can change the ads they show based on the time of day, the weather or just about any data se you like. This means they can be much more likely to be relevant and engaging.

Companies are even adding motion trackers to them. Battersea Dogs Home had animals in one advert that could even follow you from billboard to billboard as you walk away from them… cute AF! ??


What are the benefits of Out of Home Advertising?

At this stage you’re probably thinking that Out of Home sounds interesting, but why should you choose it above any other form of advertising? Will it ensure I get the best bang for my buck?

We hear ya fully. If you haven’t run a campaign before (or even if you have!), the world of Out of Home Advertising can be very overwhelming. You also don’t want to jump into a marketing platform that you don’t understand and might not suit you. However, there is a reason OOH has remained the Big Dawg of the advertising world for a reason.


Here are the main ones:


People see them!

We’re always on the move. So, one of the biggest advantages of Out of Home Advertising is that more audiences will see them when they’re out and about. Billboards and other forms of OOH ads have also become a natural and accepted part of most landscapes; they can’t be avoided with ad blockers!


It is cost effective

Although OOH is used a lot by big B2C brands, the increased flexibility of ad placements and the reduced cost of actually putting them up due to the invention of digital billboards has lowered the barriers of entry meaning lower costs and more effectiveness.


It can create a lasting impression

Billboards create a lasting impression on those that see them. From brand awareness to response marketing OOH works on both the conscious and subconscious levels. Their huge reach also makes them the perfect tool for mass marketing.

This is perhaps best explained by Bob, who is a Marketer and the Writer of the D Connector Blog. In a piece published on the Future of Outdoor Advertising, he writes: “There is a piece of research that has always stayed with me. In focus groups, people will remember seeing a brand’s new television ad, even though no such ad has been on air. It turns out that what people are recalling is the billboards they pass each and every day. People don’t forget billboards. Although they sometimes mislabel them.”


How digital has changed Out of Home Advertising

As statistics show, Out of Home Advertising is only going to get bigger and better. According to Magna, Out of Home holds around 6% of global ad spend (which totals a not-too-shabby $500 billion), and its market share has remained stable for the past 5 years. However, its growth is being propelled by the emergence of Digital Out of Home (also known as DOOH; surprising, huh?).

In fact, DOOH actually accounted for 50% of total industry revenues in 2018, says Mark Maitland, Head of Entertainment and Media at PwC.


Why DOOH is an affordable form of advertising

Although OOH has always brought many benefits to brands in terms of raising brand awareness, these have only been amplified by (what else?) digitalisation. This is one of the key reasons for its continued growth and dominance. Previously, Out of Home was costly, competitive, and difficult to do. However, DOOH is solving many of these problems.

Firstly, let’s look at cost. DOOH is far more flexible in terms of placement than traditional OOH. No one has to put up the advert, there is more flexibility on the minimum periods and you can only show the adverts during the most effective times (such as during commute hours).

Production costs are much lower. Posters needs to be printed and distributed. Digital formats just need to be resized to a few variants.

Other advantages of DOOH include the fact that your creative can be live within hours, have moving video and you can choose exactly when your ad finishes showing.


How DOOH is encouraging user engagement

DOOH is also becoming more advanced all the time, helping it to make a bigger and lasting impact on consumers. Everyone loves a novelty, right? Well, interactive billboards provide just that.

After Porsche unveiled their first interactive billboard in 2015, many brands are now adding interactive elements to their ads by making them ‘tappable’ and by incorporating facial recognition software. One example of how the former is being used is by Walking Wounded in Australia, who received donations by people that tapped on their digital billboard. Like with most things, people felt compelled to donate as it was quick and easy for them to do. It’s as simple as that.


Sounds good, but what’s in it for me?

This form of advertising has many benefits, and with the help of digital, it’s safe to say that it’s here to stay. Brands are certainly noticing the opportunities it holds in terms of targeting audiences at various touch points throughout the day, ensuring they get the best results. With OOH becoming more flexible and affordable, it’s something that all businesses should be considering. And if your competitors aren’t using OOH, then you’ll have an edge on them if you do.

At Bernie, we’re making this even better. We’re offering a new game-changing proposition to help our customers get as much value out of Out of Home as possible. This is ensuring they get the right balance and location through planning and the best price point through negotiation, and applying competitive tension and giving the right support through a blended proposition.


Intrigued? Why don’t you contact us to find out more…

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