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Boss Revolution

A Bit About Them

Boss Revolution is an international calling app owned by IDT Corporation. The app was built in 2008 to take advantage of the increase in smartphone usage and trend away from the calling card business.

It now accounts for over $500 million (yep!) of annual revenue.

What were they Looking for

Having worked on their IDT Express brand for some time, they looked to Bernie to advise and implement an online strategy covering UK, Spain and Germany. We couldn’t wait to get our teeth into this one.

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What we were up against

Boss Revolution had focused its marketing on offline calling cards and developing a network of retailers. With limited online presence and increasing competition, they realised they needed help to transform their online offering.

Our remit was broad, but we worked by identifying opportunities that could have a massive impact quickly.


SEO Audit

Conducted a thorough SEO audit of the website. Though traffic was limited, this gave us some instant improvements and a good base to work from for other areas


Tailored Campaign

Developed a Facebook app download campaign targeting callers to specific countries with tailored creative


Target Audience

Used Facebook’s targeting options to run audience multiple tests on every destination


Further Research

Using App IDs, emails and phone IDs to create retention campaigns and new business ‘lookalikes’, we were able to identify expats living in the UK, Spain and Germany


Optimise Income

Once we had a good idea of the cost of install, we worked on building a commercial model to optimise profitability, and advised on its roll out to the US and Latin American markets


Analytic Data

Working with the analyst team at IDT and Kochava analytics, we identified which destinations were the most profitable and could deliver volume


Advanced Models

Used the new model to test new marketing initiatives on other platforms such as Google Ads and Twitter with strict commercial discipline



Transformed the Boss Revolution business from an offline calling card business with declining revenues and volumes to an awesome, leading calling app

What would Bernie do?

Curiosity killed the cat, but Bernie brought it back. Let’s make amazing things happen together. Ask us anything!