Fairy tale marketing? It doesn’t exist.

But telling your story with a purpose will make you the knight in shining armour. A long time ago in a city far, far away is where Bernie started writing. And to this very day the understanding of what makes customers react with emotion and intrigue and remember the moral of your story. Copy writing should take your customers on a journey. From capturing their imagination, narrating a journey and finally making them fall in love. Or kill the wicked witch. Or both.


It starts with the big questions

What is the desired outcome? What does our customer believe now? What do they need to understand to reach our goal? Then we get tactical. We get to know the personas, match to a tone of voice, and finally go into content ideation. Once we have a plan, Bernie’s content team get to work. Crafting words and with imagination to mesmerise and excite.

Wana come on an adventure? We will battle pirates!

What Would Bernie Do?

Curiosity killed the cat, but Bernie brought it back. Let’s make amazing things happen together. Ask us anything!