Digital Marketing Workshop Round-up: Digital Marketing on a Budget

Wow! What a great event. We had a great time at the Clayton Hotel last Thursday, meeting loads of very interesting companies and having the chance for some of our newbies to start meeting clients and the wider marketing community!

Traffic Jam Media's October Digital Marketing workshop

Our aim (as ever) was to educate businesses on how to get the most out of digital marketing. For those that missed our October workshop (or those that attended and just wanted a recap) we have put together the below to help out!

“Super fun, helpful and a great way to spend an afternoon” – Maddison Platt, Pear Tree Recruitment

In September’s workshop, we taught our attendees how to utilise creative content, outreach tools and social media platforms in online PR. We also had a great guest speaker, Josh Llewellyn-Jones, who told us how his fitness challenge, 24hrs4cf, reached over 8 million people worldwide in 2017. The challenge involved a number of gruelling fitness goals being achieved in 24 hours, including doing a 10-mile run, 1,000 press ups and 100 tonnes of weight lifted!! Taking on board 3-4 times the recommended daily calorie intake too. Yum yum.
We’re looking forward to welcoming Josh back as a speaker in 2019, as well as our friends at Paperclip, Designdough and OVO Energy.

“Traffic Jam Media’s monthly workshop is so useful to me – I always come out learning something new or having a fresh perspective on how to approach a challenge” – Robyn Kelly, Vantastec

In October’s session, we shared our favourite digital marketing tools and techniques that won’t break the bank! Workshop attendees were also given the chance to win free time from the Traffic Jam Media team by taking part in our fun quiz. This time can be used on any service we offer, from planning content, to helping you with your PPC campaigns.

“The Bernie Team have unlocked the secret to creating the perfect combination of information, creativity, and banter in a relaxed workshop environment” – Phil Scully, Ffotogallery

Missed October’s workshop, or simply want to recap on the topics we covered on the day? Check out our round-up below to see what you missed…

Attendees at our October digital marketing workshop

Top tips for digital Marketing on a budget

  • We covered the importance of social media tools, many of which are very affordable and easy to use. We also pointed out that a number of these also have great free versions that are ideal for smaller businesses or those that only have a few social media profiles.
  • Social media management tools are highly useful for businesses as they allow you to plan and schedule social media posts in advance and report on your results.
  • The paid versions of one tool (called Hootsuite) also enables you to monitor multiple keywords in streams. This makes it easier for you to keep up with happening in your industry, as well as see what people are saying about your brand and your competitors.
  • We looked at how to get the most from your #hashtags (don’t ‘#hashtagagit’; use Hashtagify!). To get the most out of your social media posts and campaigns, use Pexels to source free quality images and videos, and discover relevant and powerful hashtags.
  • It’s important to get the basics right;
    • Every business should take advantage of Google My Business, a free listing that appears in the Google search results and allows your location to be found in Google Maps. Your listing should include your business name, address, phone number and website.
    • Google My Business helps Google to confirm that your company’s information is accurate, and that your business is real and local.
  • Setting up free Google Alerts will help you see if other websites are mentioning your business.
  • With Google Alerts, you can create alerts for your chosen keywords, as well as your business’s name. These are then emailed to you at your chosen frequency.
  • Link-building is the process of getting other websites to link to your content. This is one of the many factors that is thought to affect your organic rankings in search engine results as it shows that your website is a trusted and useful resource.
  • Link-building is also an important part of online PR as it gets your business’s name out there.
  • There are multiple forms of outreach a business can carry out: email outreach, social outreach, influencer outreach and press outreach. Each of these methods involve reaching out to people in order to gain a hyperlink to your website from them.

Use HARO and SourceBottle to find and secure link opportunities for your website. These free tools can be used to submit your comments to be included in a piece of content published on another website or find experts to be featured in your own.

  • To make the most of a small budget for PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads, target a local audience, rather than a national one. This will reach a smaller group of people that may be more relevant.
  • Remarketing is cheap to set-up, and it can be very effective as you’re targeting users that have already expressed an interest in your business’s products or services.
  • Consider paid adverts on social media platforms as well as Google AdWords (now Google Ads).
  • MailChimp also has some great free features, and it enables you to create and send marketing emails, automate your email communications, and manage your customer database.

In our next session, we will guide marketing professionals and businesses on creating their own digital marketing plan for 2019. The workshop will also provide advice on how to boost your online presence, and it will be hosted at the Clayton Hotel on Wednesday, 28th November. Contact us to find out more or purchase your ticket to reserve your place.

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