Digital Marketing Workshop round-up: manual or automatic marketing?

Digital Marketing Workshop round-up: August

Another month, another successful Digital Marketing Workshop! Each month, Bernie shares a bit of love and knowledge of all things digital with local businesses by delivering interactive workshops. Covering a different aspect of digital marketing each month, from SEO to paid social media campaigns, it’s our goal to elevate Cardiff and UK-based businesses by helping them learn more about how they can improve their digital marketing efforts.

To make the workshops as collaborative as possible and ensure attendees receive tailored advice, one of our team members will sit down with a group of 3-4 businesses and guide them through the session. Every workshop is also kicked off with a presentation from either a guest speaker or a member of the team. In our previous workshop, our very own Directors, Kim and Davide, discussed marketing automation, a topic that was later discussed in more detail in each group.

Attendees also took part in our fun quiz where they got the chance to win free time from Bernie!

August Digital Marketing Workshop quiz
One of our quizzes in action!

Missed our last workshop, or simply want to recap on what we covered in the session? Check out our round-up below of August’s digital marketing workshop below…

  • The term ‘marketing automation’ refers to software platforms that help businesses automate areas of their marketing and sales engagement processes to generate more leads.
  • Marketing automation enables marketers to automate repetitive tasks such as sending emails, maintaining social media channels and tracking website interactions (such as form completes).
  • Marketing automation allows for data management and analysis by centralising functions and features (such as a CRM and email builder) in one platform.
  • It’s important to remember that although marketing automation can include email marketing, it’s much more than this. It’s a suite of tools to help marketers drive more leads, such as built-in CRMs, landing page builders and reporting capabilities.
  • Just because it automates actions, it doesn’t mean you can set-up your marketing automation and forget it! You still need to input data, set goals and check in with the system periodically.
  • The main benefits of marketing automation are that it helps to drive more leads, convert more leads to sales, and optimise marketing spend.
  • Some of the most common features of marketing automation software are email automation, built-in CRM, landing page and dynamic form builders, behaviour tracking, sales notifications, campaign optimisation, social media management, and end-to-end reporting and analysis.
  • As well as scoring leads based on engagement, marketing automation can automatically email leads that complete a certain action, such as abandoning their shopping cart.
  • For businesses that don’t have the budget to invest in television ads, TVTY is a good marketing automation option to consider investing in. This enables advertisers to synchronise their social media and PPC ads with when certain TV ads are aired, so they appear at the right time.
  • TVTY says it can identify television ads in 500 milliseconds and has a 99.8% real ad knowledge. It’s compatible with all digital marketing channels, including search, display, video, and social.
  • In terms of social media management, you can schedule posts to be shared on different social media pages at certain times of the day from one platform. You can also analyse their results.
  • Hootsuite (as an example) also allows you to monitor streams (such as your brand’s pages and hashtags) and lets you manager customer service as you can reply to and manage interactions.
  • One of the biggest strengths of Buffer (a similar social media management platform) is that it can save you time. You only need to upload the content for a post once, and Buffer will edit it for each platform you want to share it on.

Our next workshop, ‘Online PR 101’, will give you an insight into digital PR, and how your business can make the online world work in its favour. It will cover topics such as best practices for outreach through different digital channels, tips for creating content, and marketing trends to take advantage of in 2018.

The session will be held at the Clayton Hotel on Thursday, 27th September.

Contact us to find out more about the event, or purchase your ticket to reserve your place.

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