Is There Still A Place for TV Advertising in Modern Marketing?

Advertising has come a long way from when businesses used to put up signs outside their premises in the hope that they would catch the attention of those passing by! From the very first illustrated poster being produced in 1796, to today’s digital adverts that follow you from platform to platform, tempting you to place your second ASOS order of the month (#sorrynotsorry), they’re now more trackable and targeted than ever before. And you might not realise it, but television is still the big dog when it comes to advertising channels.
I know what you’re thinking. Everyone uses Netflix now, don’t they? Who sits down and watches their favourite shows at the exact time they air? Most of us catch up on iPlayer or ITV Hub now… right?
Yes, it is true there has been a shift in how we consume media (such as television shows and films) in recent years. We’re a busy generation that’s always on the move, meaning many of us tend to favour streaming television through computers and mobile devices. However, we’re still glued to the screen; even if it is often a smaller one than before.
With the average Brit watching 22 hours of TV a week (not including streaming services), television is still a channel that marketers should be tapping into. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise considering the amount of people in your office that (like ours) tune into Bake off every week.
However, one thing this does mean is that catching the attention of today’s fragmented audience is a challenge that many businesses are now faced with. People’s attention spans are just getting shorter and shorter – we’re often Tweeting as we catch up on the soaps. So, you need to catch your audiences at just the right time, targeting them with the messages that really resonate with them.
The solution to this? Addressable TV advertising.
Linear vs. addressable television advertising

Linear television is something we all know and consume every day. It’s the traditional way of watching TV, with scheduled programmes being broadcasted through terrestrial, satellite and cable. This means that if multiple households watched the same television channel at the same time of day, they would consume the same content. It’s not streamed to a specific user at a chosen time.
Addressable television advertising is also something you’re familiar with, but you might not realise it! It’s the ability to show different adverts to different households, even if they’re watching the same TV show on the same channel. This means that a lot of the time, you’ll be seeing completely different ads to your neighbours, family and friends.
Obviously, there are some clear advantages of choosing addressable television advertising. The key to success in marketing is precise targeting, and it offers you just that. It gives advertisers the opportunity
to move beyond large-scale traditional TV ad buys, to focus instead on relevance and impact through highly targeted adverts. As an example, you can target people with south-facing gardens in Cardiff, or dog owners that live in the suburbs. Yep; Sky knows that much about your customers (and also you).
Not convinced television advertising is for you yet? Listen up; here are some of the other reasons your business could be benefiting from addressable TV:

• You’ll waste less money: Through this form of advertising, your ads are only shown to specific audiences as opposed to everyone. This means there’s less waste in a financial sense as you’re only paying to put ads in front of the people you want to target.
• Run multichannel campaigns: Addressable TV enables brands to take advantage of the same targeting options as other digital channels, such as PPC and social media ads. This means that you can target your desired audience with the same message across multiple channels.
It’s easy to dismiss television advertising as something just for the big dogs selling big ticket items that have to be more carefully considered than others, like cars and mortgages. While addressable TV does work extremely for this, more and more brands (even those with the most niche products) are realising the benefits of this highly targeted and increasingly accessible advertising option. And so can you.
Addressable TV through Sky AdSmart

One of the ways that addressable television advertising has been made more accessible is through Sky AdSmart. Their addressable TV offering gives advertisers the capability to serve adverts to their perfect audience, using countless targeting combinations from age, location and lifestyle. Just some of the TV channels your ad can be shown on include:

• Sky One and Sky Two
• Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts and Sky Witness
• Various Sky Cinema channels
• Various Sky Sports channels
• Various MTV channels
• Comedy Central and Comedy Central Extra
• Discovery and Discovery History
• Universal TV
• National Geographic

As well as a great range of channels for your ad to appear on, Sky AdSmart also offers the great benefit of them still being shown when audiences watch recorded programmes. So, your ads can follow them even if they stockpile their favourite programmes to binge watch in one go at the weekend (come on, we all do it).
Why choose Bernie for your TV advertising?

In true Bernie style, we’ve ripped up the rulebook in favour of businesses like yours. It would be really easy for us to simply copy what other agencies are doing, and quite frankly, get away with it. But that’s not Bernie, and that’s not what Bernie would do. Bernie is all about ethical marketing and our new game-changing media buying proposition is not to be missed.
Want to know more about how we can help your brand get in front of the right people? All you’ve got to do is ask. Email us at to get the ball rolling!

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