Bernie will get you seen

Not just seen, but seen by the right people. We always plan and buy media in the right way. We are honest, we have access to the best technology and inventory in the market and we employ the most kick ass experts to plan and execute.

We have made it our mission to change media buying in favour of businesses like you. We are upfront, we call crap when we see it and we always challenge our clients, suppliers (and anyone that will listen!) to think differently. All of this makes our campaigns rock that little bit harder.

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We set the foundations for a successful campaign through meticulous planning, then execute through programmatic, TV and out of home, VOD, paid social and paid search platforms. We are always trying to add new and exciting inventory to our mix so that we can pull it out at the right time for the right client. If your campaigns have been ‘same old’ and your agency puts the ‘meh’ in media, it is time to get Bernie on the case!

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Curiosity killed the cat, but Bernie brought it back. Let’s make amazing things happen together. Ask us anything!