Bernie builds communities. Online and offline, with the people that matter most. Bernie is a social creature.

Great social media doesn’t happen by accident.

Bernie has long been using things like social media to show its culture and values. People are drawn to that. Being genuine is, without doubt, an integral part of a winning social media strategy. It allows you to build a community, voice your culture and turn followers into fans.

Organic Social

We make it our mission to suss out exactly what your audience want to see when they’re riding the tube, gaming on the throne, Netflix and double screening* or procrastinating the sh*t out of life. How? By combining attention grabbing creative and thought-provoking content all tied up and delivered in your brands individual tone of voice.

*To use multiple tech devices at once for the purposes of entertaining one's self.

Our mission is to understand your customers.

We find your customers wherever they spend time. On your website, on social or even offline and use powerful social listening technology to assess what they really care about and how they like to talk about it. We will review your competitors, measure their impact and compare it to past campaigns.

Organic Social

Once armed with knowledge of your customer, we can create a campaign focused on the personas that we feel will be most receptive.

We partner to deliver stunning branded content that spans multiple customer touch points while making sure this is delivered at just the right moment. Wether this is through targeted influencers and partners, user generated ephemeral content or paid activities, we hunt the right tool for the job.

Finally, we ensure the correct measurements are in place to monitor success. Understanding the KPIs that matter, and how they feed into the larger picture is essential.

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