Bernie started life as a search agency, so it’s in our DNA

We get excited by the possibilities of Google ads and dream up new strategies in our sleep. It offers marketing like no other, with the ability to target people who are actively looking for your product and being able to present them with custom messages and offers tailored to their needs.

Paid Search


Get the strategy right

We take the time to understand the underlying commercials, waypoints in the customer buying cycle and what we can (and should be) addressing.


Competitor and market research

What do your competitors know that you don’t?


Tech; fully stacked

Is first-party data available? Do you need third-party data? Is this party happening without the right tech?


Build and track

The right tag strategy and campaign structure is crucial for performance and future optimisation.


Optimise and evaluate

Optimise what is there, add and test new ideas, wash and repeat.



How did you do vs. expectations? What does that do to the commercial model? Do we need to push budgets higher or rein in CPAs? Answering the right questions.

Want to run a campaign like it should be run? Let’s roll...

Curiosity killed the cat, but Bernie brought it back. Let’s make amazing things happen together. Ask us anything!