Bernie loves technical gubbins.

You know that school friend who’d spend hours building Lego and then became a kickass engineer? Yep - that’s Bernie. We get excited about the techy nuts and bolts of a social campaign. Channel your inner engineer and let’s make your social pay!

Paid Social

First things first; the world has changed.

Social is now pay to play. You don’t want to be creating content that no one can see do you? You now need paid social to drive the reach and engagement. From apps to messenger and from InMails to promoted posts, we have run just about every conceivable campaign. So whatever your objective is, we’ve got the answer or know where to look.

How do we turn a look-a-like into a customer that likes the look? Here is how!

Work out who your customer really is!

We Identify your ideal buyer persona whether it be your whole client base or a particular segment you’d like to target. Then work out how to target them. We get inventive on this bit… Whether it's interests, jobs, remarketing, 3rd party data or even app IDs, we use laser like focus to make sure your creative gets the love it deserves. We tell a story. Your creatives should tell a story. We ensure your customer sees the right creative at the right time.

Paid Social


Campaign Build & Tracking

We build your campaign based on findings from our research & data. We ensure tracking is in place so you can see exactly what your audience are engaging with and the actions they’re taking.



Our work doesn’t finish at the campaign build. We continue to keep a close eye on how your campaign is performing and will make changes as and when required to ensure optimum performance.



Transparency is at the heart of what we do at Bernie. Therefore, you’ll know exactly what we’ve posted, when we’ve posted and how much we’ve spent. This is our opportunity to check in and let you know exactly how well your campaign performed.

What would Bernie do?

Curiosity killed the cat, but Bernie brought it back. Let’s make amazing things happen together. Ask us anything!