Bernie likes people (well, most of them)

The concept of social media is no different to real life.The loved ones you have and the friends that you keep are all of those things because you are genuine, engaging and human. Whether it's paid or organic social, we will help you craft a strategy that makes people want your brand in their lives. After you have made the humans happy, you need to make the machines happy. Scary? Probably. But with Bernie by your side, you’ll be understanding the algorithms and mechanics behind social media before you know it. Basically, you’ll be a social media Arnie saying ‘hasta la vista baby’ to your competition.

When Bernie isn’t busting bots, we're keeping our (itchy) trigger finger on the pulse of social trends… we're constantly learning and sharing what we learn. Some call us futurists, some call us social media maestro, but our friends call us Bernie.

What would Bernie do?

Curiosity killed the cat, but Bernie brought it back. Let’s make amazing things happen together. Ask us anything!