TV is rocket fuel for brand building

No other medium compares when it comes to sharing an experience with other people. How people watch TV has shifted but so has how you can advertise. Next Gen TV is here… For a long time, TV has been only accessible to big brands with big bucks. That has all changed and you can now target TV views with ultimate precision.


We can get their interest.

Need to target business owners with 50+ employees in Manchester with an ad for business loans? We can get their interest.

Want to get your sun awnings in front of people with south facing gardens? We got you covered. Want to target your car insurance only at people with a luxury car? We have no pun for this, but we can get your advert in front of them for sure.


Because TV advertising platforms have got smart and are using data in a much more sophisticated way. Matching 1st and 3rd party data to your campaigns completely revolutionises how you can use TV. Fancy seeing your brand on TV? Think your current agency isn’t working hard enough for their cut? Get Bernie to talk through a smarter way to do TV across Linear, Ad Smart, Video on Demand and programmatic for IP TV.


What would Bernie do?

Curiosity killed the cat, but Bernie brought it back. Let’s make amazing things happen together. Ask us anything!