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SEO Manager


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We are currently recruiting for an SEO Manager to take a senior position being responsible for working alongside our account directors to manage and improve our clients’ SEO campaigns. Input on innovation and campaign strategy will be integral to being successful in this role.

The successful candidate will be required to:
– Analyse the SEO performance of enterprise-level, multi-national/lingual websites to demonstrate commercial value and ROI to the client
– Lead SEO technical excellence within the team, mentoring any junior members and working with the Account Directors to improve team processes and deliverables
– Conduct comprehensive audit technical SEO documentation, Information Architecture, U.I. reviews and keyword research to client standard
– Support the implementation SEO recommendations to clients’ development teams and external agencies
– Perform detailed backlink audits according to best-practice with the resulting insights being fed into briefs for the SEO outreach and content team
– Own the relationship with clients and co-ordinate resource as necessary alongside the Account Directors
– Create SEO project plans according to known opportunities and limitations which therefore result in achievable campaigns
– Project manage campaigns and provide accurate progress reports to Account Directors flagging risks
– Work with the Digital Strategy Director to audit client’s reporting and tagging set-up.
– Ensure team members are up to date with best practices and best tools to maintain a leading grip on SEO

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